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There are certain rules for sleeping in vaastushastra. Generally, we do not give this much thought, and sleep in whatever way that suits us. But, directions matter, and should be taken into consideration, as each direction has its own merits and demerits. If you sleep with your head facing the south and legs towards the north, it is auspicious. This is because your head is the north pole in the body and the legs are the south pole. Sleeping this way, the magnetic property of the Earth makes a direct co-ordination with the body which results in a positive and peaceful outlook in behaviour. These two qualities are essential for a long lasting and cordial relationship. Vaastushastra highlights sleep as an important aspect of good health. In order to enjoy a sound sleep, your bedroom must have a peaceful environment.

Sleeping in the wrong direction can cause health problems. Vaastushastra recommends that the head must face the south for undisturbed sleep. The second best sleeping direction is with the head towards the east, and the third choice is the west. People who observe these directions will receive positive energies when they wake up. These positions will also enhance your blood circulation.

The human body works like a tiny magnet. The north pole of the body is the head, and the South Pole is the legs. This position of the body when in sleep, controls the mind. The head should never face the north while sleeping because the magnetic field of the earth lies in a north-south direction and your energy levels can be thrown out of balance by this strong field. Sleeping in this direction may cause difficulty in bearing children, nightmares or disturbed sleep. The head is considered the North Pole, and if we place our head towards north, there is a magnetic repulsion between the 2 similar poles. This position can also result in low or high blood pressure, insomnia or high cholesterol. Vaastushastra recommends the right location or quadrant in which a couple should sleep.

According to Vaastushastra, if the head of the family sleeps with his head in the south direction, his wife should also sleep in the same direction. The position of the head facing south and legs facing north, while sleeping is considered auspicious. Many rays from the human body and mind are controlled by the effect of the Earth's magnetic field. Sleeping with the head facing south brings a balance with the Earth's magnetic influence. It helps you be positive and will enhance your self confidence and leadership qualities. However, if it is not possible to sleep with your head facing the south, you can sleep with your head facing the east and legs in the west. If the head of the house and his wife, or any other female member in the family sleeps with the head facing the south, he or she becomes influential. Ladies who sleep in the Agni Mulam (south east) direction have a difference of opinion with those who sleep facing the south. Adolescents can sleep in the Agni Mulam, but only for a short time. This corner is auspicious for study or research.

The south-west sector is the most powerful quadrant in Vaastushastra because it is the area where positive energy is stored. For this reason, the extreme south-west corner must not have windows or doors; as such openings will release the energy that has gathered in the house.

In a house, the south is the most powerful direction. The mother-in-law should sleep in this direction; the first daughter-inlaw should sleep facing the south west, and the second daughter-in-law facing the east. In the absence of a mother-inlaw, the eldest daughter-in-law should sleep with her head facing the south. Wives should sleep on the left side of their husbands. If the arrangement of the bed is in the Agni Mulam direction, the wife should sleep on the right side of her husband. Senior ladies of the family like the mother-in-law or the eldest daughterin- law should not sleep in the east or Isaana corner.


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