Roar of the Night
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Snoring is annoying! In fact, snoring has been one of the causes for the break-up of many marriages. Contrary to the old belief that a person is sound asleep when he snores, it actually keeps him from the deepest and most restorative stages of sleep. Sometimes, he is rudely woken up by his own sound of snoring!..

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There are certain rules for sleeping in vaastushastra. Generally, we do not give this much thought, and sleep in whatever way that suits us. But, directions matter, and should be taken into consideration, as each direction has its own merits and demerits. If you sleep with your head facing the south and legs towards the north, it is auspicious.

Allergy Free
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Year after year despite numerous awareness campaigns, we wake up to a smoke filled morning on the occasion of the Bhogi festival in Tamil Nadu. The air which is already polluted gets worse that morning giving rise to innumerable problems for people with a breathing difficulty or a dust allergy. Dust allergy common in India,..

How To Avoid
Food Poisoning?
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Food poisoning is usually followed by dreadful symptoms that involve the digestive system. These symptoms can be difficult to control and treat and they can last anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days. In rare cases food poisoning can be fatal.Food poisoning results when someone eats or drinks something that contains bacteria...